Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My First Seedlings Ever Are Not Babies Anymore

As much as I want to get my seedlings (read: full-on plants) into the ground, there is still a chance of frost and I don't want to mess with wall-o-waters, plus the garden soil is not prepared yet.  I'm working on it. 

I had to move the grow box out into the garage because the plants were stinking up my whole house. The fish emulsion organic fertilizer makes these things stink to high heaven. But the fertilizer did it's job. These plants look stronger and greener. Before I gave them the fertilizer, maybe a week ago, they were starting to yellow and droop. 

I transplanted the tomatoes into larger containers, worried I might lose them altogether, then watered them from the bottom with a dose of half-strength fish emulsion.  Oh! The smell was nauseating!  I'm glad it works though.  I'll just let it keep working it's magic out in the garage.

I've never grown artichokes before. They are not recommended for my area, however the seed packet said that they may be grown as an annual here in zone five. Since my whole family loves artichokes, I sure hope they work out.  
If they don't work out, I think I might be a little bit devastated. I am really looking forward to homegrown artichokes.

Hopefully the next time I post, these plants will be in the ground and I will have started peppers in this grow box. I'm hoping these tomatoes and artichokes can get in the ground in a week or so.

I'm also hoping I don't kill them in the process of hardening them off. This is my first time planting a garden from seedlings that I started myself. I've grown quite attached, after all, I have raised these since they were baby seeds.  See?
They've grown up so much!