Tuesday, May 20, 2014

An Inspiring Garden: A Pallet Turned Planter

This past week, I visited my beautiful sister, who lives a couple hours (too far) away.

She lives in the city, in a townhome where her view is gorgeous.  Here's a photo from her back porch. It overlooks a quaint duck pond and has magnificent views of the sunset every evening. 
However, as with most townhomes, her backyard space is severely limited.  She just moved there with her cute family less than a year ago, and despite the tight yard, she was determined to have a garden of her own. 

With limited funds and tools,

and a lot of natural skill and creativity, 

she has done it!  TA-DA!!!

Isn't it cute!  And the best part is she did it all with such thrift!  She borrowed some tools from my dad and repurposed some pallets that were left over at his work.

She meticulously pulled apart 2 and a half pallets.  Then some sawing and hammering later...

...she made this beautiful L-shaped planter box!

It gets better!  She made a deal with lady who lives five minutes away, to clean her blinds in exchange for some year-old topsoil that had been sitting leftover on her driveway.  After my sister cleaned her blinds, she came back with a shovel and garbage sacks, which she filled with the topsoil, and hefted into her car, then transported it to her home, then hefted the soil to her back yard planter to fill it up. 
Soil is really heavy, so she had to only fill the bags about 10 shovelfuls at a time, and only transport 10 bags at a time.  Then she went back for more. And went back again. And again until her planters were full. 

It was quite the process. And all this she did while being pregnant, with her toddler son in tow and housebreaking her very active puppy.  

Like I said before, she was very determined.

One last look...


I'm a VERY proud sister!  

Look for another post with tips gleaned from my sister as she pulled apart pallets coming soon.