Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Warnings From Our Youngest Gardener

A few days ago, our youngest gardener, 7-year-old Tame Dame #3, passionately posted on her private blog about our garden.  When I read her post, I thought I would share it here with our readers.  With her permission, I am reposting below.  Enjoy!

the garden batle!

this year we planted a garden and we fought for it! and it was hard WORK! and it finally it is don! and  and i will show you are harvest
and we are going to harvest more! TOMATOS! and it will be  HARD WORK! and our pumpkins got frost bite and we are trying to thaw them out  what bad luck! pleas cross your fingers that our pumpkins will thaw out and if you ever leav your pumpkins out side DONT DO IT! they will get frozen! so read this blog 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 times so you will remember that and one mor thing dont leave anithing out side so DONT becous its bad! and remember that and this whole POST! ok thear you have it 

UPDATE: And just so you know, our pumpkins survived the touch of frost and are now happy under the cover of our front porch.  

P.S.  Did you know the pumpkins all have names?  We have: Edward, Plump, June, Pleatus, Zing, Feather, and a couple other names she and I can't recall.

Are you going to name your pumpkins?

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