Who Are We?

Howdy!  We're the Tame Dame Trio!

A fun-loving mom (Tame Dame #1) and a dazzling daughter duo (Tame Dames # 2 and #3).  We live in the Wild West of America and we love nature and blogging.  Yes, we all blog.  Each Tame Dame has a unique and different perspective on our gardening adventures, and each of us will post periodically.

We live in the Uinta Basin, a high mountain desert in the Rocky Mountains (zone 5, for you garden-savvy folk), a place known for pioneers and outlaws, Butch Cassidy's hideaways, spectacular dinosaur graveyards, ancient writings of Native Americans etched on the mountainside, and even rumors of UFOs and hidden Spanish Gold. Expect hot, dry summers and deep freeze winters with strong wind in between.

This is the Wild West.

And we're gardening it.