Sunday, May 29, 2016

Our Wild West Ribbit

Tame Dame #2 here! You guessed it, we found a frog!

We thought it was a rock, then it jumped! We put it in a bucket with rocks, water, and weeds (see above) and that's basically it!


We went on a hunt for asparagus. It grows along the fence across the street. So, here's the pictures I took:
The smallest, about 3 inches long.

The largest (not gone to seed!) over two feet long!
Smallest and largest compared.

Wanna guess how much asparagus we have? Exactly

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Wizard The Lizard

Wizard, the lizard. He was a cute little fellow, I'm sure he had many buddies. I just found him, going slow. He needed to warm up. So I did what any other gardener without gloves would do, grab a shovel, scoop him up, ( dirt and all ) and put him in the garden. Because wizard rhymes with lizard... Wizard!!! The perfect name! So of course I had to name him that. Well... That's the tale about Wizard the lizard.

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Our May Garden

Tame Dame #2 here! A few days ago we gardened a lot! We weeded, and weeded, and watered, and weeded, and weeded, and had a good time talking.
Those nasty weeds!

  So, after that was done, we got to see our gorgeous sprouts. In our garden right now, we have peas, lettuce, radishes, chives, and garlic. We have to wait for warmer weather to plant anything else outside. We did plant other seeds (tomatoes, squash, etc.) in our garage. We sent some sprouts home with my aunt, and they had tripled in size last time I saw them on FaceTime. Our garden is doing well, here are some more pictures that I took:

 Last of all, I'd like to introduce you to our neighbor's dog, Mac, that comes over and visits us sometimes. Mac is actually a girl. For some reason they didn't know that when they got her, so they named her Max. Then when they found out 'Max' was a girl. They didn't wan't to change her name too much, so they call her Mac, which sound more girly in their opinion.


Maybe not, but I can try my best.

Always remember that having a garden isn't super easy, it requires a lot of patience and responsibility. Some people think gardening is frustrating because a lot of times you get more weeds then actual garden fruits and vegetables. But, I think it's great fun! I even like weeding, believe it or not! I love pushing little seeds into the soft soil and watch them grow into delicious fruits and veggies over 100 times the size they started out as.

 Plus, garden fruits taste a bit better then what you get as the store. Take strawberries for example. When you buy them at the store, they are a little bit more sour. I don't think they actually ripen them, I think they color them (look for the white ring around the stem). Get used to them, and then taste a fresh garden strawberry. You will notice a large difference and say to yourself, "These are the best strawberries I've ever tasted! They are literally sweeter then candy."

My family's favorite fruit is the large, juicy, Brandywine tomato. Brandywine tomatoes are delicious on sandwiches, in soups, and even plain! They taste so sweet that they usually don't need anything at all, but salt and pepper is a nice, basic seasoning.

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So, do I like and recommend having a garden? Yes, I do. Do you like having a garden? Well, just post your answer in the comments.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Garden Report

Yesterday we weeded. Nothing but silly weeding. We found a few grubs, two were really fat, I'm talking about FAT! And one was just orange, and skinny. The garden is doing well, we have peas, radishes, leeks, spinach, cabbage, and a bunch of other things. Planting a garden and taking care of it is one of my favorite hobby's. Somtimes watering gets hard at some points cause I don't have a big watering can, and I'm so short I can't reach the other end, before I realise I can just go to the other end. BIG PAIN IN THE BACK! No, seriously, I'm not joking. My back HURTS from that! Also, softball season is here. Here's some pictures. Or videos.

The garden is coming along perfect. Hope you enjoyed this post.