Thursday, May 29, 2014

I Took A Shovel To The Disheveled

Progress.  A feeling of accomplishment. I suppose that is what motivates me to garden this prickly dry desert. That and fresh homegrown tomatoes.
As you can see, our garden needed (needs) a lot of work after sitting dormant all last year. You see, we had given up on our garden in 2013. It was a lot of work in 2012, only to see our nurtured flora be ingested by the local fauna.

But, after a a year of homegrown tomato cravings, it was decided that there will be a garden in 2014!  The applause is erupting in my soul as I type.  

I've been hardening off my tomato and artichoke starts for a good week now, and it was time to get them in the garden, yet my soil was so sad and needed work.  So, work I did.  I pulled on my best garden gloves and set out to have a garden intervention with my neglected-turned-wild bed.

After a Saturday of shoveling, my garden went from "Holy HECK!  What a WRECK!"  

To "Soft Garden Bed For A Cool Lettuce Head" (or, actually tomatoes, but tomatoes didn't rhyme with "Garden Bed").

Tame Dames #2 and #3 enthusiastically set out to help me resurrect the garden, but a pressing matter arose before any work had begun... desert lizards doing push-ups on the rocks and garden beds.  They were begging to be gently captured, analyzed, and released.  Needless to say, there will be an upcoming post showcasing the lizards of our garden beds.  Check back soon.

Until next time, gardening friends.  Do your arms and back need a good massage, like mine?