Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tips and Tricks to Pulling Apart A Pallet


I asked my adorable, creative, and dear pregnant sister to give me a tutorial on how she took a pallet apart to make her garden planter box (see previous post). Since she had taken a few pallets apart for that project, she is pretty much an expert in my book.  She showed me how she pulls boards from the pallet and I learned some nifty tips and tricks along the way.

First, start in the center! Who knew, right? My sister said that she found it to be the best way. Use the claw of the hammer to loosen and pull out the nails from the center of the board. 

After the nails have been removed from the center of the board, position the claw of your hammer between the board and the pallet along one edge.  If you desire, now would be a good time to pretend you are wearing overalls (some of us won't have to pretend, right?), and start singing "I've Been Working On The Railroad."  Another option would be to insert earplugs, because the clanging is about to begin!  Use a another hammer to hit the first hammer on the head to drive the claw between the board and the rest of the pallet. Don't be shy. Once you get the claw driven between, then you can rock the claw back-and-forth to pull the nails and the board away from the pallet. 

Continue to drive the claw in bit by bit and rock it back-and-forth until the board comes loose from the rest of the pallet.  

The nails may come with the board, or they may still be stuck into the pallet and have just stripped out from the board. If the latter happens, you can choose to nail them back into the pallet or pull them out with the claw of your hammer.  You can stop singing now. 

There should only be one more set of nails to pull out. You can do this by grabbing the board and swinging it back-and-forth until the nails have loosened and have come apart from the rest of the pallet. You may also use your hammer to help it along by hitting from the backside of the board.

The board may pull the nails out with it. If that happens, you can use your hammer to push the nails out, or use the claw end to pull them out.  Do what ever suits your preference.

You did it! Now you can do a little jig or other suitable happy dance.

You can use your boards to make a cute garden planter like my sister did.  Her planter took the wood of 2 and a half pallets. 

What will you use your boards for?

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