Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How's it Growing? Our June Garden

Weed pulling party
Good news!  Our garden grows!  Here's our garden's June photo shoot.
Steve earned the title of "MVP" (Most Valuable Puller) for proudly pulling weeds alongside his Tame Dame Trio.

Wanna see what's growing?

Holy Germination!  Our squash hills are ready for thinning.
Pumpkin and Butternut Squash (and some sort of volunteer melon)
Only 2 zucchini seeds sprouted of the 12 I planted (the seeds were 5 years old).  Most of the cucumber seeds sprouted, though.
Zucchini and Cucumber.  We are going to try caging our cucumbers this year.
Our strawberry patch is green and starting to get crowded.  The grass that grows in this patch is really impossible to remove.
Strawberries and grass
We thinned several tomatillo plants.  We now have six tiny seedlings that will eventually be thinned down to two plants.  I also planted a bunch of radishes around the edges of this bed, to make use of that space until the tomatillos get big.  By that time, the radishes will all have come and gone.
Lots of carrots sprouted.  There was a section next to the carrots that I planted some spinach seeds, seeing as that section of soil was available, and I love spinach in my green smoothies.

Carrots established and Spinach coming soon
Tame Dame #2 wanted to grow parsnips.  We got only 3 sprouts from the 2 rows we planted a month ago.  I didn't realize parsnips were so persnickety!
Persnickety Parsnips
Our beet seeds were getting old, so we sewed heavily, but apparently not heavy enough.  Only a few germinated, so I just sewed several more seeds in this area, and we'll see what grows.
Our radishes and garlic are coming along.  We've actually been harvesting a few radishes per day for the past week, now.  Tame Dame #3 loves picking them, and Tame Dame #2 loves eating them!
Radishes and Garlic
We got the garlic and leeks as an Easter gift from Steve's mom.  They seem to be growing well.  Our onions are coming along, too.

Leeks and Onion
We are hoping for lots of Lincoln Sugar Snap Peas.  They are some of our favorite snacks.  These are a variety that don't need to be staked.
Surprisingly all my spinach plants resurrected from their transplant.  I thought they all had died.  We originally planted them where the squash now lives, but I realized we needed to transplant the seedlings somewhere where they would get more water from our drip lines.  We sewed these seeds heavily too because the seeds were old, but only 4 plants grew.  I'm just happy to see they've all come back to life again!
Chard seedlings (left), and 4 spinach plants
We're trying to grow peppers from seed.  Hopefully we get plenty of plants.  I think I counted 24  seedlings.  Now we'll see if they live good strong lives.

Jalapenos, Tri-color peppers, and Yolo Wonder are planted here.
The tomatoes and artichokes are growing slowly.  There are little yellow flowers on all our tomato plants, except one.  That poor plant died when a mean microburst snapped it in half.  R.I.P.

Pepper seedlings, Tomatoes (1 Baby Roma, 2 Roma, 2 Italian, and 1 Yellow Pear), Artichokes.
I'm not sure if we'll get snake and swan gourds.  I sewed 8 seeds, and only one seedling came up, and that seedling doesn't look strong.

Snake and Swan Gourds...maybe

Our red potatoes are just starting to break ground.  Hurray!
Red Potatoes
We also decided to add a little extension to 2 of our garden beds since we had a little extra sprinkler drip line and a leak that was watering nothing.  In the desert, water is costly and precious, so I thought we'd make something of this sad situation. We used several broken pavers as a border, then broke up the dirt, amended the soil, and planted some transplants.  I'm happy with the added space.  Plus, it's nice to put those poor pavers to work.  I have the phrase of frugality deeply rooted in my soul- "Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or Do Without!"
That's all for now folks!  Thanks for visiting!  Y'all come back now, ya' hear?

Oh!  But don't leave without telling me...
How's it growing with you?