Saturday, July 25, 2015

Our July Garden

 It's so exciting to see things growing!  We were gone for 3 weeks.  Before we left, we had just put peppers in the ground, the tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelon, tomatillos, pineapple tomatillos, and cabbage were newly planted, too.  The poor plants looked like they were going into shock and were burning from the scorching temperatures.  I fertilized right before we left on vacation, we set the sprinkler drip lines on a timer, and had the kids stuff up any weak spots around the fence that they could find with stones.  Then we were gone.  We've done this before, and everytime we come back, something majorly bad happens from pest invasions to sprinkler leaks.  This time, we were blessed.  We returned to a garden thriving and in a much happier state than the one we left it in.  God answered our prayers!

Here's a look around what we came home to.

Sugar baby watermelons growing on the vine (we have 5 plants)

Taller bushes of tomatoes, and HUGE tomatillo plants (I guess they really like that banana peel I threw in the bottom of the hole when I planted them!)

Cucumbers tangled everywhere.  I've been trying to train them up the twine and bamboo trellis we made.

Gorgeous pickling cucumbers plumping up.

More watermelon (And the weeds grew heavily while we were gone, too!) 
Pineapple tomatillos were literally tiny 3 inch starts with such skinny stems, I wondered if they would live through the shock.  It appears they 're doing just fine.

I really thought the bugs had eaten these cabbages past survival, but they are actually looking like they will make a comeback.  I hope they do!  I love cabbage! 

Our chard, beets, basil (hidden behind the beets), parsley, and chives (the few tiny grass-like sprigs next to the parsley) all seem to be doing very well.  The garlic all died when we were gone though- not sure why.  So we now have an empty spot in the garden for something- radishes maybe?

Don't you love the red stems?

Carrots have gotten tall.  I harvested some of those to thin out the bed a touch, and to put into our garden minestrone soup.  Our pepper plants are planted with twins.  I read that's supposed to help them grow better by keeping the fruits shaded.  We shall see.  They are all still small and no fruit yet.  Of course, we did plant them later too (3rd week in June).

Another view of the tomato bed.  The red mulch really keeps those weeds outta there!

My little tame dame harvesting veggies with me.  The cucumbers are on the left with another watermelon planted near the front.
I'm so pleased to see the plants alive and thriving!   How's your July garden?

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