Friday, July 10, 2015

A VERY Tragic Story

We 'rescued' a baby bird. The bird had fallen from the nest so we tried to get it back up. Our ladder didn't reach the nest. So grandma brought it to the vet. The vet said they would have to put it down. So they did. That is one of the ways to make a long story short. It is sad. But we sorta rescued it by bringing it to a happier place, Heaven. I hope it likes it there. Sooooooo, there you have it. Sad, isn't it? I almost cried. At least I got to hold it. I put on soft gloves and gently picked it up. It grabbed onto my glove and didn't want to let go. It looked up at me with sad eyes as I slipped it into a backpack. Then I had to leave. That was the last I saw of the baby bird. I got the rest of the story from my mom. I had to leave for my play rehersal.