Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sunshine, Blooms, Hardening, and Plans

After such a lovely, wet May, it got hot in a hurry.  My spinach is bolting, the weeds are thriving, and the perennials out front are showing off!
The perennials have spread to both sides of the pathway, and the ones that are growing in the rocks, that never get watered, and get to compete with a lot more weeds, are the biggest, fullest blooms we have.  Go figure.
This morning, we took most of our starts outside to start hardening off in the shade for a couple hours. They took it really well.  Now I've got to start preparing the garden beds for their arrival!
Our starts have been housed under lights in the garage.  Our peppers are still there.  I'm going to wait another week before I get those hardening off.  I didn't have any luck with peppers last year that I directly sowed, so I'm hoping that by giving them a headstart under lights I'll actually get some peppers!
I'm looking forward to making lots and lots of salsa this summer/fall because it's so yummy and once a jar is opened, it goes fast. I can eat an entire pint jar by myself in 2 sittings. 

My garden plans for the next week:
-Repair sprinkler lines
-Prepare garden beds
-Stay on top of hardening off the starts
-Plant the pots with flowers

That's what's happening today around our garden.  What are you working on around your homestead?

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