Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mid-June Garden Update

 So, it's 102 degrees lately.  The weather went from cool and rainy in May to hotter than jalapenos in June.  It's not the greatest to plant all the starts we grew from seed, but we had no other choice.  The plants all slumped in shock, but they are looking a little better today.  I'm just glad everything is planted.  The week of hardening off the starts is like trying to feed a new baby- except the plants don't audibly cry when it's time to take them out of the sun.
 Everything still looks so small, but I hope in a month, I'll be able to show you all some tremendous progress.

Oh!  Remember those peas and cold weather crops we planted in the warm of St. Patrick's Day for good luck?  Here's that bed:
 The peas are done.  They've had it with the heat.  The spinach all bolted.  The lettuce is all bitter.  So, it's time to clear them out and make way for other plants.  That was my project today.  I'm planning on cooking the bitter greens to see if they all loose the bitterness like it is rumored that they will.  I'll let you know how that goes in a later post.

We put red plastic mulch down on our tomato bed this year as an experiment.  It's supposed to trap moisture in the soil, produce more fruit because of the spectrum of light it reflects on the plants, and help control weeds.  We shall see.  We are also trying an experiment I saw on a blog that I follow.  We planted the tomatoes with a banana peel at the bottom of the hole and a sprinkle of powdered milk.  I felt really weird doing it, but if it will make my plants happier, I'm willing to give them all the help they can get.
That's it for now.  How's your garden growing?