Monday, September 29, 2014

Fence Out the Foes

We fought hard for our garden this year.  Back in July, we put up a 4-foot tall fence around the garden.  It's not much, but it was what we could afford (fencing is expensive!).  I knew that a deer could easily jump over that, or a rabbit or prairie dog can easily burrow under, but I thought that just maybe it would be enough of a deterrent to keep the animals out.  With plans to be gone most of the summer, it was basically our only hope of saving the garden from decimation (Remember Garden Fail 2012?).  So, in July, before our family took off for 3 weeks on vacation, the fence went up. 

Nine-year-old Tame Dame #2 wrote the following blog post about it, and I must say, I really enjoy seeing our gardening adventures through the eyes of the children:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Our fence

Sorry no before pics. Oh boy am I tired right now. It took only two days to put it up. All these photos are from the second day. Okay. Here they are!

We're setting up the wire and poles.

Daddy is putting up the wire fence.

Mommy is tying the wire to the pole while daddy is holding it tight.

These are the things we are tying them with.  They're called zipper thingies.
Tame Dame #3 is holding the roll of fence.

I am cutting out the fence with wire snippers.
Now mommy is cutting it.


Doesn't our garden look cool through the fence?
This is the outside of the fence and the grey thing on the outside of it is what helped us get the big tall poles into the ground.  You hold the handles and put it onto the white part of the pole, and then you grab hold of the handles and pound it down while it's on the pole.  It's like a hammer.

One last look at the garden through the new fence.

P.S. And guess what?  The fence has been working!

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