Thursday, July 14, 2016

Some Photos from our Early July Garden

Cabbage is already starting to getting eaten alive by those white moth larvae.

Corn and beans have broken ground, and everything is beginning to grow.

Our potatoes are tall enough to hill up.  

Pretty corn.  The variety that gernminated best was the Golden Bantam 80.  Early Golden Bantam is out there too, and Strawberry Popcorn!

Our curbits are all spreading out as they should.

We had a little extra room, so I planted lima beans, another one of Tame Dame #2's requests.

I'm excited to see those pole beans start to climb those poles!

Carrot bed is looking good!

Tomatoes are taking off!

I've gifted some walking onion heads to my brother, and I'm going to use some as shallots in tonights dinner.

A glance to the back

The beets and chard are coming up

Can you see the sweet meat squash hiding in there?  Today I checked on it and it's the size of a volleyball!