Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fun Seeds Ordered

It's my first time ordering seeds online.  I used Pinetree (, and I'm looking forward to getting my order in the next week or so.

Tame Dames #2 and #3 helped me pick out a few fun varieties to try in our garden this year.  Here's our picks:
Watermelon Radish
9-year-old Tame Dame #2:
Watermelon Radishes

If there was one thing Tame Dame #2 wanted to grow again, it was radishes.  This fun variety flip-flops the color, with the white on the outside, and the red on the inside.  When sliced into wedges, it sorta resembles watermelon!   The website says that these radishes are mild and sweet.  I'm truly interested to see the variation in flavor from the typical radishes that we grow!

7-year-old Tame Dame #3:
Sugar-baby Watermelon

This variety sounded yummy to our youngest gardener.  We sure hope with this being an earlier variety that we can harvest some while it's summer.  That's the hard thing about growing melons from seeds in this climate- sweet summer melons aren't usually ripe until the weather is threatening to freeze.

My picks:
Pineapple Tomatillos (ground cherries)

We grew some lovely green tomatillos last season, but these are nothing like those.  They are supposedly soft and sweet and can be eaten straight off the plant.  I love the little balloon husks that form on tomatillos before the fruits inside fully develop!  They look like little garden lanterns.

Brandywine Tomato

Last year, we grew 3 varieties of tomatoes (Roma, Italian Paste, and Yellow Pear).  Although I was happy with our harvest, the varieties that I grew were best for making salsa, and only so-so on the raw-tastiness scale.  So, I knew this year I wanted to grow a TASTY heirloom variety.  As I researched the web, Brandywine kept popping up as a favorite for flavor, so it's the one I picked.


National Pickling Cucumber
I wanted to make pickles last year, but being the novice gardener that I am, I grew the wrong kind of cucumbers for it.  Don't get me wrong, we enjoyed the cucumbers that we grew, but this year, I did my research and ordered seeds for a fabulous pickling cucumber (I hope).

With shipping and handling charges, these 5 seed packets came up to about $10.  Not bad, I think.
PINEAPPLE TOMATILLO (75 days) W591 1 $1.50
WATERMELON RADISH (37 days) 30601 1 $1.95
NATIONAL PICKLING CUCUMBER (52 days) 136 1 $1.25
BRANDYWINE TOMATO (80 days heirloom) 424 1 $1.75
Subtotal $7.95
Shipping & Handling $2.95
Discount (SITE12615) -$0.80
Grand Total $10.10

Have you ever grown any of our seed picks?

What are your favorite varieties to grow?

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