Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Harvest Weekend Highlights

 This weekend was beautiful and the harvest was plentiful.  
 These are the ordinary miracles we take for granted every day.  
"The sky knows when it's time to snow,
No need to teach a seed to grow,
It's just another ordinary miracle today."
We are so very blessed!
 We had a volunteer cantalope plant that actually gave us some really cute and super delicious fruit!

Remember the persnickety parsnips I planted?  Hmmm... Yes, they're definitely persnickety.

Chard, zucchini, and tomatoes from our garden found their way into this yummy quiche.  I even made the pie crust this time, and it turned out awesome!

Italian and Roma tomatoes were ready for the picking, finally.  I actually harvested several tomatoes 2 weeks ago and made 2 batches of salsa (16 pints altogether).  These tomatoes were going into something different.

 I had my usual helping of garden tomato sandwiches, and diced up several to top salads and these nachos.
 Then, I set to canning a batch of homemade tomato-vegetable juice.  This was a big batch and actually made 7 quarts and 5 pints.
 It took me 5 1/2 hours from start to finish.  Probably 1/2 an hour of that could be taken off, since that's how long it took me to clean up the mess I made when the blender lid popped off.  Arrg!  However, I must say my labors were not in vain.  The results were perfect.  I'm planning a post devoted solely to this... stay tuned.  :)
 It's always so satisfying to hear the "ting" as the lids seal!

If you want to watch the slideshow of the above photos, below is the link.  Happy harvesting!

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