Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Transplanting Time

Our seedlings are 2-3 weeks old. Using a kitchen spoon, we transplanted our starts into bigger containers. 
Very gently we pulled apart the plants to separate the roots. We shall see if they survive in the next few weeks. 
Next, we put the transplants into larger containers. We made a few of our own using Styrofoam cups with four notches cut out of the bottom.
Then we filled the cup with soil up until it covered the root ball and was about the same height of the soil was before the transplant. We are using a special soil for starting seeds, one that doesn't have a lot of fertilizer which might burn the new seedlings.
Finally, we put the transplant under our grow light and filled the bottom container with water about halfway up so that the roots can go down and get their drink. Soon we will need to fertilize using liquid fertilizer. We will go to the nursery sometime and see what is available.
All our seedlings are looking pretty good. We shall see how the transplants end up over the next few weeks.
The above picture shows the artichoke seedlings that we transplanted about a week and a half ago. You can see that they're a lot larger than the transplants that we planted today. Plants really do like their room to grow.  In the background of the larger artichoke seedlings, you can see some of our tomato seedlings and wildflowers and marigolds that are growing like champs.